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Joe Hutnik architectural office works in collaboration with other leading architectural offices in Israel and provides them with different planning services. The office manages projects in the residential and public structures.



Allen pibko architects

Collaboration in residential building, such as:

the florentin quartet – a residential compound containing 260 apartments and commerce area.

Private homes – in Rishpon, Kefar shmaryahu, herzeliya pituach and more.

Arsuf cliffs – a luxurious residential compound, including 56 2-families homes and another building with 52 apartments.


Yaski mor sivan architects

collaboration with the medical dept., which includes accompanying throughout the building process and supervising upon pharmacies and medical centers being built. A prime expamle is the “Maale Edumim” medical center – 1200 square meters of multi-disciplinary center including doctors, professional health, x-ray and other medical services.


Other collaborations

  • Eyal Appel

  • Yiftach Vaks


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