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What is couples design?

A new design of both partners together, not included in a familiar category such as: modern, classic, chic.

It’s the freestyle co-style of the couple.


What is the process of couples design?

showing the fun parts and positive experiences between a couple, creating a situation that does not involves building, and is joined for both of them. Our job is to translate this experience in modeling and building.

An example for couple design

We had a couple that had a conflict about the master bathroom style. He wanted a countryside design and she wanted more modern. Instead of choosing just one design, we made them think together with a fun joined experience together, and their quality time, and they concluded that it as the time they spent solving crosswords together. We took this experience and designed a bathroom shaped as a crossword. We made the wall tiles into letters, numbers and black squares. In that way they did not had to choose a style and created one themselves.

Incorporating an expert with a couple:

Ravit Rubin is an expert organizational counselor and is an integral part of the architectural design team.

Ravit jumps in at an early stage, while in planning and using a special questionnaire helps the couple define role duties, shared values, responsibilities and is there along the way in meetings to solve issues and provide a place for each of the sides in an empowering way.

Few tips for the couples design:

  • Dedicate an area for each of the partners that would bring out all of the dreams and desires of each of them. The partner has to respect that place.

  • Incorporate the kids in the process (depends on their age), have them pick furniture, pick out a bath, colors and even allowing them to design and create certain elements. It helps them feel like they are a part of the new home and make the transition easier.

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