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The Joe Hutnik architectural office as founded in 2010 and has a vision of designing and creating spaces that allow growth and providing a place for personal expression and client empowerment. Whether it is in offices, preschools or private homes.

Joe trademarked the expression “couples design”. A different way of thinking, based on the true understanding of hat the couple wants their home to be like.

Even before the drawing phase, first we use a questionnaire to find out what the couple wants their home to feel like. A guidance expert joins along the way and as an inseparable part of the design team helps, plans and manage the building and designing part.

We define what everyone’s expectations from the process is; define responsibilities areas and what values they want to get from the process.

This approach allows the couple to full fil their dreams and makes the building process as pleasant and nice as possible.

The office 12 employees with rich experience worldwide, creativity and professionalism.

Our employees attend leading design exhibitions throughout the year, in order to catch up on new trends, get inspired and absorb ne cultures and styles. All of this, with the purpose of enriching out clients with innovative designs and provide them everything they want – and more.

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